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The Elusive English Organ


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A film and audio documentary DVD/CD set “The organ, more than any other instrument, is subject to historical change, and it was fascinating to see how the story of the English organ is really the story of the history of England, but from an unusual angle.” Daniel Moult Daniel Moult leads an expedition through the world of the English organ from 1550 to 1830, a period of great importance because of the organ works written by the greatest English composers of the day. The works by such as Byrd, Purcell, Handel and Stanley provide clues to the nature of the organs built at the time. The organs prove to be harder to find. Because there is so little direct evidence of the organs remaining, Moult travels to a wide assortment of locations, even to France, to see and hear examples. In his travels, Daniel Moult performs musical illustrations and gathers comments and history from Dominic Gwynn, John Mander and Kimberly Marshall. Viewers are shown rich detail and beautiful scenes that are rewarding in their own right. In addition to the attractive film The Elusive English Organ (DVD-50 minutes) in both NTSC and PAL formats, the set includes a CD (72 minutes) with complete performances of all of the musical examples used on the DVD. L’Eglise Lanvellec 1653 Robert Dallam BYRD: Fantasia in a from Fitzwilliam Virginal Book Notre Dame de Ploujean 1680 Thomas Dallam de la Tour TOMKINS: A Sad Pavan for these Distracted Times Addlington Hall C. 1680 Builder Unknown BLOW: Voluntary in A LOCKE: Voluntary in a from Melothesia PURCELL: Voluntary in G, Voluntary in d for Double Organ St. James, Great Packington 1749 Thomas Parker HANDEL: Arr. Walsh: Concerto II (Op. 4, No. 2) HANDEL: Fuga II from Six Fugues or Voluntaries, Fugue in A St. Boltoph, Aldgate 1704 Renatus Harris WORGAN: Piece No. VII in d STANLEY: Voluntaries, Op. 5, Nos. 7 & 8 St. James, Bermondsey 1829 J. C. Bishop & Son RUSSELL: Largo from Voluntary II (Twelve Voluntaries, 1812) WESLEY: From Twelve Short Pieces, 1815: Nos. 8-10 Set Includes: 1 DVD in both NTSC and PAL formats, and 1 CD
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