Timothy Olsen plays the landmark 1965 Flentrop 3m organ, tonally updated by Flentop in 2013, at Salem College, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he is associate professor of organ and the Kenan professor of organ at the NC School of the Arts. A long heritage of Flentrop organs in North Carolina and in the U. S. followed the firm’s installation in 1957 of its first organ of concert size in the U. S. at the Salem College Chapel. Contents: Buxtehude: Toccata in D, BuxWV 155  Distler: 7 of 30 Spielstücke für die Kleinorgel, Op. 18/1 Böhm: Partita über die Arie: Jesu, du bist allzu schöne Bach: Trio in D Minor, BWV 527 Pachelbel: Ciacona in F Minor, T. 206 Zipoli: Pastorale, Sonate d'Intavolatura Hindemith: Sonata II Walcha: 3 Chorale Preludes 2016 Raven Recordings

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