Ian Tracey plays a diverse program over 75 minutes long at the Liverpool Cathedral. The grand organ was built by Henry Willis & Sons. It is the largest pipe organ in the United Kingdom boasting two five-manual consoles and 10,268 pipes. In this program Ian Tracey makes full use of the entire organ and shows off the vast dynamic range. He took over from Noel Rawsthorne in 1980 to become the youngest cathedral organist in the UK. He is currently Organist Titulaire at Liverpool Cathedral which gives him more responsibility while also granting him more freedom and flexibility. As usual this DVD presents wonderful visual shots of the Cathedral in its entirety both inside and out as well as close-up, full detail of the console and pipes. A bonus audio CD of the performance is included for portable use. Handel Overture to the Occasional Oratorio J.S. Bach Chaconne in d minor (BWV 1004) Robert Schumann Four Sketches (Op. 58) Verdi Grand March 'Aida' arr. Ian Wells Henry Walford-Davies Solemn Melody Henri Mulet Noel Toccata 'Tu Es Petra' (from Esquisses Byzantines) Tchaikovsky arr. Ian Tracey Danse de Fée Draguee (from the Nutcracker Suite) Danse Arabe (from the Nutcracker Suite) Danse des Mirlitons (from the Nutcracker Suite) Lefébure Wély Bolero de Concert Ethelbert Woodbridge Nevin Will O' The Wisp Flor Peeters Lied to the Flowers (Lied Symphony Op. 66) Lied to the Sun (Lied Symphony Op. 66) Charles Dawes Melody Garth Edmundson Toccata 'Vom Himmel Hoch' Please note this item has a slipcover that is mass produced. On the back it will read "PAL format." It will; however, play in NTSC format.

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