The Choir of Manchester Cathedral, Christopher Stokes, director; Jeffrey Makinson, organist 'From the eastern mountains (50)', 'This joyful Eastertide (121)', 'Walking in a garden (123)', 'Holy Spirit ever dwelling (141)', 'Around the throne of God (191)', 'He who bore witness (220)', 'Palms of Glory (230)', 'Psalm 118 (O give thanks) (539)', 'All things bright and beautiful (264)', 'Draw nigh and take the body (281)', 'For the beauty of the earth (285)', 'Let all mortal flesh keep silence (295)', 'Lord enthroned in heavenly splendour (296)', 'Psalm 51 (532)', 'We hail thy presence (310)', 'What sweet of life endureth (330)', 'As pants the hart for cooling streams (337)', 'I heard the voice of Jesus say (376)', 'Psalm 25 (Show me your ways) (528)', 'O what their joy (432)', 'Praise my soul the King of heaven (436)', 'Still throned in heaven (454)', 'There is a land of pure delight (460)', 'Through the night of doubt and sorrow (468)', 'Faith of our fathers (479) ', 'God is working his purpose out (495)', 'Thy kingdom come on bended knee (500)'

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