The New Organs of the Cathedral of Monza

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Monza’s Cathedral, just north of Milan, Italy is home to an unusual pair of organs located on opposite sides of the church. A two manual and pedal Metzler of 29 stops is on the north side of the building and a Zanin organ is on the southern side of the building. The Zanin organ has two manuals, but they are not arrayed top to bottom, but side by side. One manual [Organo maggiore] has a traditional Italian stoplist of 17 stops tuned in ¼ syntonic comma meantone temperament at a’=492 Hz. The other manual [Organetto per suonare a due] has 6 stops tuned in well tempered unequal temperament at a’=440 Hz. The Metzler organ is also tuned in well tempered unequal temperament at a’=440 Hz. This allows duets to be performed with both organs. Andrea Marcon and Luca Scandali perform an anthology of works spanning three centuries in time and showing the styles of eleven composers. Organo Meridionale (Zanin)

FRESCOBALDI: Toccata sopra i pedali per l’organo, e senza
Canzona terza
Toccata Quarta per l’organo da sonarsi alla levatione
Ricercare dopo il Credo

PASQUINI: Pastorale, Tre Arie, Toccata in a

Both Organs

STORACE: Balletto, Ballo della Battaglia, Aria sopra la Spagnoletta

ZUCCHINETTI: Concerto a due organi, Sonata overo concerto a due organi

CHERUBINI: Sonata per due organi

Organo Settentrionale (Metzler)

LÜBECK: Praeludium in d

J. S. BACH: Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend’, BWV 709; Fantasia and Fugue in a, BWV 542

MOZART: Ein Orgelstücke für eine Uhr in f, K 608

MENDELSSOHN: Sonate, Op. 65, No. 6 in d

RITTER: Sonate, op 23 in a


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