Robert Gower collects 31 grand, ceremonial pieces and a few contemplative pieces ideal for use at weddings and as voluntaries, even recitals. Boyce: Allegro from Symphony in D Salomé: Grand Choeur Dukas: Fanfare from La Péri Fletcher: Festival Toccata Gigout: Grand Choeur Francis Jackson: March Madden: Tuba Magna Sumsion: Ceremonial March Boëllmann: Chorale and Minuet Gothique from Suite Gothique Bob Chilcott: Sun Dance Dubois: Grand Choeur Elgar: "Nimrod" from Enigma Variations Gigout: Grand Choeur Dialogue Handel: "See, the conquering hero comes!" and "March" from Judas Maccabeus Handel: La Rejouissance and Minuet from Fireworks Music Handel: Interlude from Water Music Grayston Ives: Processional Francis Jackson: March John Madden: Tuba Magna William Mathias: Fanfare Mendelssohn: War March of the Priests Georg Muffat: Les Gendarmes and Gavotte Murrill: Carillon Parry: Elegy Flor Peeters: Festival Voluntary Purcell: Rondeau from Abdelazer Purcell: Three Pieces from Dioclesian: Second Music; Dance of the Bacchanals; First Act Tune Sumsion: Ceremonial March Maria Theresia von Paradis: Sicilienne Davies: Solemn Melody Walton: Introduction and March from The Battle of Britain


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