Edited by Heinrich Fleischer. This volume also contains freely composed works that may be useful throughout the service, especially for hymns not represented in this collection, as suggested in the indices. Veni Emmanuel · Rudolf Moser Voller Wunder · Rolf Unkel Vom Himmel hoch · Johann Gottfried Walther Wachet auf · Johann Gottfried Walther Vienna · Thomas Canning Webb · Yury Arbatsky Wenn wir in hoechsten Noeten · Johann Michael Bach Wer nur den lieben Gott · Johann Gottfried Walther Wem in Leidenstagen · Newman W. Powell Werde munter · Johann Pachelbel Wie schoen leuchtet · Michael Praetorius Wo Gott zum Haus · Johann Christoph Bach Wunderbarer Koenig · Hans Arnold Metzger Winchester Old · M. Alfred Bichsel Freely Composed Works: A Minor (Prelude and Fughetta) · Johann Pachelbel C Major (Fugue) · George Frederic Handel C Minor (Toccata) · Johann Gottfried Walther D Flat Major (Moderato) · Johann Pachelbel D Major (Maestoso) · Johann Erasmus Kindermann D Minor (Andante) · George Frederic Handel D Dorian (Adagio) · Girolamo Frescobaldi E Flat Major (Ricercar) · Orlando di Lasso E Minor (Prelude and Fugue) · Franz Xaver Anton Murschhauser E Phrygian (Andante cantabile) · Johann Krieger E Major (Andante amabile) · Johann Kuhnau F Major (Allegro moderato) · Johann Erasmus Kindermann F Sharp Minor (Tranquillo) · Nicolas Gigault G Major (Fugue) · Dietrich Buxtehude G Minor (Andante espressivo) · Johann Krieger A Flat Major (Fughetta) · Gottlieb Muffat F Minor (Passacaglia) · Andre Raison A Major (Fugue) · Friedrich Wilhelm Zachau B Flat Major (Andante con moto) · Johann Erasmus Kindermann B Minor (Andante con espressivo) · Johann Krieger

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