LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE! This CD features the Durham Cathedral Choir under the direction of James Lancelot with organist Ian Shaw. Track Listing: Psalm 24 The earth is the Lord's Psalm 119 verses 73-104- Thy hands have made me Psalm 18 I will love thee O Lord my strength Psalm 15 Lord who shall dwell in thy tabernacle Psalm 46 God is our hope and strength Psalm 123 Unto thee lift I up mine eyes Psalm 39 I said I will take heed to my ways Psalm 111 I will give thanks unto the Lord Psalm 106 O give thanks unto the Lord Psalm 101 My song shall be of mercy and judgement Psalm 131 Lord I am not high-minded Psalm 66 O be joyful in God Psalm 146 Praise the Lord O my soul Psalm 150 O praise God in his holiness Total Playing Time: 62:33

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