The Wanamaker Diamond Anniversary Concert DVD

This historic video record of Keith Chapman's landmark 1986 concert marked his 20th anniversary as Wanamaker Organist and the Organ's 75th anniversary. See and hear the World's Largest playing pipe organ under concert conditions! Includes close-up performance shots, a video pipe-chamber crawl with Macy's organ curator Curt Mangel, a feature on the organ's history, and a tribute to Shorty Yeaworth and the Wayne Concert Series. Hosted by Pipedreams' Michael Barone. Bonus extras include vintage scenes of the John Wanamaker Store, a piece on the Philadelphia Organ Quartet and a Keith Chapman TV commercial. This ambitious film was never put together by impresario Shorty Yeaworth, but footage from the three-camera shoot was assembled in 2010 by his son Kris Yeaworth and the Friends of the Wanamaker Organ. Includes a replica of the original concert program with added reflections on Chapman's astonishing career. Thrill to the majesty of 29,000 pipes in Chapman's capable hands! RICHARD STRAUSS: Solemn Entry BACH: Prelude and Fugue in C-Major DUPRE: Prelude and Fugue in B-Major DELIUS: Winter Night CHAPMAN: Fanfare and Procession DEBUSSY: Ballet DEBUSSY: The Engulfed Cathedral MUSSORGSKY: PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION WIDOR: Final from Symphony II (encore) BONUS FEATURES INCLUDE: * Scenes of preparations for the big concert * A video history of the Wanamaker Organ * A walk-through tour of the chambers with curator Curt Mangel * A tribute to Keith Chapman and the concert's producers * A Keith Chapman TV commercial and more!
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