A visit to Paris and two of its most famous churches is the next stop for Carol Williams’ Tour Bus series. At the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Olivier Latry greets Carol with a tour of the organ case, a history and a tour of the great cathedral and parts of it not often seen, tales of the famous hunchback and a fine demonstration of the organ, as well as a grand improvisation on the largest organ in France. At St. Sulpice, Daniel Roth plays a skilled improvisation and explains the history of the organ and his many famous predecessors. Sophie-Véronique Cauchefer-Choplin, Roth’s assistant, guides a visit to some of the “secret” places of the church, including the crypt of Widor. Choplin also demonstrates the organ and performs an improvisation before Carol Williams plays the massive instrument. Other features of the film include visits to a landmark where Mozart lived and worked, the location of Cavaillé-Coll’s factory and the home of Widor.

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