Tournemire: Oberlin or Chartres?: An Acoustical Experiment


Dr. J. Melvin Butler plays three suites from L’Orgue Mystique, interspersed between written improvisations by Tournemire. This unusual double CD features the new Cavaillé-Coll-style Fisk organ, Opus 116, as it sounds in Finney Chapel at Oberlin College, and also as it might sound if it were in Chartres Cathedral. New recording technology makes it possible to create a mathematical model of a room’s acoustics from measurements taken in the room itself. With sufficient computing power, a program can then place any sound (in this case, the sound of the Fisk organ at Oberlin) in the modelled acoustics. Does it work? You be the judge—both versions (2 CDs) are included in this package.

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