Seeking to define a chamber ensemble approach to these Bach masterworks, Christa Rakich employs organs, harpsichord, flute, violin, ‘cello, and viola da gamba to perform the sonatas. Also included are renditions of two preludes and fugues written in the same year as the sonatas. The organs heard are Paul Fritts, Opus 18, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA; Taylor & Boody, Opus 14, Clifton Forge Baptist Church, Clifton Forge, VA; C. B. Fisk, Opus 55, Old West Church, Boston, MA; Richards-Fowkes, Opus 1, St. Barnabas Church, Greenwich, CT; Greg Harrold, Opus 14, Kay & MacBird Residence, Brentwood, CA. 2-CD SET J. S. BACH: Trio Sonatas, BWV 525-530; Prelude & Fugue in b, BWV 544; Prelude & Fugue in e, BWV 548

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