This CD is the result of a composer having the opportunity to employ keyboard instruments in an adventurous way. Paul Halley has been able to record the Ruffatti organ and Steinway piano at Atlanta’s Spivey Hall, as well as a harpsichord built by Carl Dudash in a series of his own works. The instruments are used together and separately to produce seldom-heard timbres and many colorful variations. 1. Rejoicing 2. The Jig Is Up 3. Middle Earth 4. Toccata Andromeda 5. Maris Stella 6. Outer Hebrides 7. Shores of Ironbound 8. My Ladye Sarabande 9. Sands of Time 10. The Breughel Boys 11. Evening Song 12. Requiem for Dimitri 2000 Pelagos Incorporated Total Playing Time: 57:34</>

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