Vêpres du Saint Nom de Marie Macel Dupré


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In the fall of 1919 Marcel Dupré, at the time assistant to Louis Vierne at the main organ of Notre-Dame in Paris, received a startling letter: the General Director of the Rolls-Royce firm, Claude Johnson, asked him to set to paper improvisations he had heard at Vespers on 15 August, a nameless listener within the vase congregation. Thus the 15 Versets for the Vespers of the Feasts of the Holy Virgin op. 18 were born, published in England the following year. This extraordinary document should be placed in its liturgical context. This is precisely what the Schola Saint Cécile proposed to us, with an accurate restitution of the complete office in which Gregorian plainchant alternates with the great organ, in sonorous praise of exceptional richness. Vincent Genvrin, orgue Schola Sainte Cécile Thomas Ospital, orgue Henri Adam de Villiers, direction Grand orgue Mutin-Cavaillé-Coll de l'Eglise Saint-Pierre de Douai Orgue de chœur Merklin de l'Eglise Saint-Pierre de Doua Marcel Dupré (1886-1971) 1. Cortège et Litanie op. 19 5'48   Anonyme 2. Ouverture de l'office 1'01 3. 1er psaume 6'11   Psaume CIX Dixit dominus (IIIe ton)   Inclus : M. Dupré, Fifteen Pieces founded on Antiphons, Antienne I - Maestoso 4. 2e psaume 5'22   Psaume CXII Laudate pueri (IVe ton)   Inclus : Fifteen Pieces founded on Antiphons , Antienne II - Tranquillo 5. 3e psaume 7'28   Psaume CXXI Laetatus sum (IIIe ton)   Inclus : Fifteen Pieces founded on Antiphons , Antienne III - Très lent et sans rigueur 6. 4e psaume 3'40   Psaume CXXVI Nisi Dominus (VIIIe ton)   Inclus : Fifteen Pieces founded on Antiphons , Antienne IV - Assez animé 7. 5e psaume 5'43   Psaume CXLVII Laudate Jerusalem (IVe ton)   Inclus : Fifteen Pieces founded on Antiphons , Antienne V - Andante moderato 8. Capitule 0'26 9. Hymne Ave Maris Stella 10'53   Inclus : Fifteen Pieces founded on Antiphons , quatre versets sur Ave Maris Stella 10. Verset 0'31 11. Cantique Magnificat 10'30   Inclus : Fifteen Pieces founded on Antiphons , six versets pour le Magnificat 12. Oraison 1'02 13. Mémoire 2'02 14. Conclusion de l'office 1'14   Marcel Dupré (1886-1971) 15. Carillon 5'23

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