Organist Damin Spritzer plays the organ works of René Louis Becker on the 1880 Cavaillé-Coll organ in the Cathédral Sainte-Croix, Orléans, France. Contents: Toccata in B-flat, lte, missa est, op. 69c Postlude in D minor, op. 75a Toccata, op. 32 Cantilène, op. 63 March in D Minor, op. 76a Toccata, Benedicamus Domino, op. 68a Two of Twelve Compositions for Organ, op. 16 Interlude Prelude First Sonata in G, op. 40 Praeludium festivum Dialogue Scherzo Prayer Toccata Total Playing Time: 72:57 2014 Raven Recordings

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