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Willibald Guggenmos Plays a New Eule Organ


A New Eule Organ at St. Michael’s Church, Schwabmüchen, is played by virtuoso Willibald Guggenmos to inaugurate a series Faszination Orgel. The 4-72 organ is entirely eclectic in design.

ARCHER: Fanfare
MOZART: Adagio in D
J. S. BACH: Pièce d’Orgue in G (BWV 572)
VIERNE: “Romance” from Symphonie IV, Op. 32
BATISTE: Trois Elevations in A, b, and a
LUDVIG NIELSEN: Fantasy on the Bells of Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim
BRIDGE: Adagio in E
TOMÁS GARBIZU: Toccata con Diapente

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