These comprehensive instructions for testing a pipe organ are used by organ experts, consultants, and the owners of pipe organs to determine whether an instrument is of good construction and functioning properly and to identify faults or lapses in optimization of tone or mechanism. Included are criteria for evaluation of windchests, reed and flue pipes, wind trunks, the bellows, the key action, and many other parts of an organ. The author covers planning a pipe organ, contracts, stoplists, and even discloses tricks used by organbuilders to conceal faults. Applicable to any pipe organ, the work is especially appropriate for evaluating pipe organs which employ mechanical action. The author published this expanded version of Orgel-Probe in 1698, having first published it in 1681, and modern research has found the core of the work to be based on an unpublished manuscript written by Michael Praetorius and Esaias Compenius. The book was reprinted at least five times in in the 18th century and has been a standard reference since it was published. This English translation was published in 1976. 69 pages, hardbound

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