Augustin Barié was a pupil of Louis Vierne, after beginning organ studies at the National Institute for the Blind in Paris. He was the organist at Saint-Germain-des-Pres and an extremely gifted improviser. Jehan’s performance brings these works to life on the beautiful instrument of Nantes Cathedral. “In this somber soul burned an ardent flame…Audacious harmony, rich polyphony, elegance of design, poetry of detail were his sovereign qualities.” – Louis Vierne “Of a more profound nature and richer polyphony, the cyclic Symphony remains one of the summits of French organ music, which appeared on the eve of the Great War.” – Norbert Dufourcq

Track Listing: Augustin Barié (1883-1915)

  • Symphonie, Op. 5 Prélude, Fugue, Adagio, Intermezzo, Finale
  • Elegie
  • Trois Pièces, Op. 7 Marche, Lamento, Toccata
  • Témoignage d’André Marchal sur Augustin Barié
  • Total Playing Time: 51:55 1980/2014, Disques FY & DU Solstice
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