Ellenberger presents an idiosyncratic rendition of eight well-known Bach works, highlighting each work’s distinctive features in hommage to well-known historical figures. "This recording of Bach on the great symphonic Cavillé-Coll/Dargasies organ in the Parish Church of La Madeleine in Paris attempts, in an unorthodox and deliberately sensuous - and occasionally eyebrow raising way - to reveal and literally strike the right chord in the non-scholarly, life-affirming moment in the universal cosmos of Bach's organ music...It was absolutely not the intention of either the performer or publisher to found a new, even groundbreaking "school for playing Bach", but nevertheless to evoke and communicate the joy of playing Baroque music." - CD liner notes Track Listing: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) Praeludium et Fuga Es-Dur | BWV 552 (Hommage à Lully) "Herr Gott, nun Schleuss den Himmel auf" | BWV 617 (Hommage à Brahms) Praeludium in C-Dur | BWV 547 (Hommage à Purcell) Toccata F-Dur | BWV 540 (Hommage à Jeanne Demessieux) Praeludium et Fuga e-Moll | BWV 548 (Hommage à Luther) Toccata d-Moll ("dorian") | BWV 538 (Hommage à Vivaldi) "Schmücke dich, o liebe Selle" | BWV 654 (Hommage à Albert Schweitzer) Praeludium et Fuga D-Dur | BWV 532 (Hommage à Handel) Total Playing Time: 79:01 2013, IFO Classics
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