Jeremy Filsell directs the Choir of the Church of the Epiphany in Washington DC and plays the organ with Washington Symphonic Brass. Contents: Epiphany Tower Bells: Tune Was lebet, was schwebet Brightest and best of the sons of the morning John Weaver: Epiphany Alleluias Skinner Chavez-Mélo: Epiphany Jeremy Filsell: Gloria from Missa Epiphaniensis William Bradley Roberts: I saw a stranger Martin Luther: Hymn: Ein Feste Burg Kenneth Leighton:The World's Desire (An Epiphany Sequence) Now when Herod Bright Babe The Christ Child Behold, I send my messenger William Averitt: We Are Held Charles Callahan: Fanfares & Riffs Leo Sowerby: Now there lightens upon us C. H. H. Parry: O Love of God James Buonemani: Vis Aeternitatis Garnell Copeland: Epiphany Hymn Sing the wonder of God's creation Epiphany Tower Bells: Epiphany Hymn Total Playing Time: 79:20 2014 Raven Recordings

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