Celebrating the founding of The Organ Historical Society fifty years ago (our 50th year began in the Summer of 2006), the OHS Press publishes an eclectic collection of essays in honor of one of the Society’s founders who has served twice as its President. This hardbound book of 409 pages and 68 illustrations includes original writings in English by fifteen scholars of the organ: John L. Speller: Aspects of the Old English Transposing Organ Nicholas Thistlethwaite: Organs and Arminians in Seventeenth-Century Cambridge Peter Williams: Some Observations on Three Keyboard-Composers: Frescobaldi, J.S. Bach and Domenico Scarlatti Laurence Libin: Johann Gabrahn’s Organized Piano in Context Susan Tattershall: Oaxaca’s Amazing Organ Culture Lynn Edwards Butler: Manual Designations as Registration Indicators Uwe Pape: Restoration of Tubular-Pneumatic Organs in Northern Germany Stephen Bicknell: The Bad Tempered Organ John Ogasapian: The Question of Eugene Thayer N. Lee Orr: Dudley Buck and the Coming of Age of the American Organ Rollin Smith: Early American Organ Recordings Stephen L. Pinel: Giles Beach and the American Church Organ Works Dana J. Hull: Organ Restoration Odyssey Jonathan Ambrosino: Winds of Change Orpha Ochse: Manuel Rosales and the Los Angeles Organ Renaissance This Festschrift is edited by John Ogasapian, Scot Huntington, Len Levasseur, and N. Lee Orr. The first copy in a De Luxe binding was presented to Barbara Owen at the Annual Meeting of the Organ Historical Society at Bridgewater, Massachusetts, on Wednesday, July 13, 2005, during its 50th annual convention headquartered in Brockton, Massachusetts.

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