This book contains musical text with arrangements by two Handel contemporaries as well as the editor's own arrangement for harpsichord or organ. Also contains performance material for flute/violin/oboe and violoncello/double bass. Contents: Water Music Set for the Harpsichord (or Organ) by Francesco Geminiani Suite I in F major HWV 348 Overture in the Water Musick Adagio e Staccato Allegro Adagio Allegro Aire Minuet Bourrée Hornpipe Suite II in D major HWV 349 Allegro Alla Hornpipe Minuet Lentement Bourrée Suite III in G major HWV 350 Rigaudon 1 & 2 Minuet 1 & 2 Gigue 1 & 2 Musick for the Royal Fireworks after the First Print set for the Harpsichord or Organ by Siegbert Rampe Suite in D major HWV 351 Overture Bouree La Paix - Largo alla Sicilian La Réjouissance - Allegro Menuet 1 & 2 50 pages, softbound 2015 Bärenreiter

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