Bärenreiter Urtext ed., new in 2003. Partitas and Partita Movements, Part 2 (10 complete Partitas with 4 or more movements in each, 1 Partita fragment of 2 movements, 7 partita movements) Partita in b FbWV 626; Partita in e FbWV 627; Partita in a FbWV 628; Partita in a FbWV 628a; Partita in a FbWV 630; Partita in E flat FbWV 631; Tombeau in c FbWV 632; Lamentation in F FbWV 633; Aria in d FbWV 636; Partita (Fragment) in G FbWV637; Sarabande in c FbWV 640; Works of uncertain authorship: Partita in d FbWV 618a; Allemande (Fragment) in d; FbWV 634a Allamand in d FbWV 635; Partita in A FbWV 638; Partita in A FbWV 638a; Partita in d FbWV 639. Also critical commentary; errata.

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