Bärenreiter Urtext ed. Partitas and Partita Movements, Part 3: Partita in g FbWV 641; Partita in e FbWV 642; Partita in e FbWV 643; Partita in c FbWV 644; Partita in E FbWV 645; Partita in f-sharp FbWV 646; Courante in d FbWV 647; Partita Dolorosa in e FbWV 648; Partita in g FbWV 649; Allemande in g FbWV 650; Partita in e FbWV 651; Partita (Fragment) in C FbWV 605b; Partita in a FbWV 629; Gique in G FbWV Anh. IV/01; Partita in B/B flat FbWV Anh. IV/02; Gigue in A FbWV Anh. IV/03; Saraband in g FbWV Anh. IV/04; Partita (Fragment) in g FbWV Anh. IV/05; Allemanda in d FbWV Anh. IV/06; Cour(ant) (Fragment) in g FbWV Anh. IV/07; Partita in F FbWV Anh. IV/08; Allemande in A FbWV Anh. IV/09; Sarab(and) in F FbWV Anh. IV/10. Critical commentary on works of uncertain authorship.

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