This 3 CD set contains all of the major original organ works of Liszt, together with a selection of virtuoso arrangements and transcriptions of Liszt’s orchestral and piano works by Camille Saint-Saëns, Max Reger, Edwin Lemare, Nicolas Kynaston, and Peter King. "He is a virtuoso of world class... I'm astonished at his bravura; nothing fazes him... and he plays with such élan, and with such passion, such commitment..." -CD Review (BBC Radio 3) "It is realistically captured in magnificent sound by Gary Cole whose Wolverhampton -based Regent label is steadily building up an impressive choral and organ catalogue....I doubt if there will be an organ contirbution to the Liszt bicentennial which can better this." -Gramophone July 2011 CD 1 Prelude and Fugue on BACH Orpheus Funérailles – trans Nicolas Kynaston Consolation IV (Adagio) in D flat Legend of St Francis of Assisi preaching to the birds – trans Camille Saint-Saëns Legend of St Francis of Paula walking on the waves – trans Max Reger CD 2 Chapelle de Guillaume Tell – trans Peter King Sposalizio – trans Edwin Lemare Il Penseroso – trans Peter King Canzonetta del Salvator Rosa – trans Peter King Trauerode Consolation VI (Tröstung) in E Variations on Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen CD 3 Excelsior! Ave Maria von Arcadelt Evocation à la Chapelle Sixtine Fantasia and Fugue on Ad nos, ad salutarem undam Total playing time: 168:03

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