Released in 2012 Hans-Eberhard Ross performs two of Vierne's symphonies on the Goll Organ of St. Martin, Memmingen. The included booklet discusses Louis Vierne, the works performed, thoughts of the performer, and biographical information about the performer.Track ListingPremiere Symphonie pour Gran Orgue en re mineur op. 14 (1899) 34:041 Prelude. Maestoso 6:542 Fugue, Moderato non troppo lento 4:143 Pastorale. Allegretto 6:474 Allegro vivace 4:155 Andante. Quasi adagio 6:106 Final. Allegro 5:44Deuxieme Symphonie pour Grand Orgue en mi mineur op. 20 (1903) 31:397 Allegro. Risoluto ma non troppo vivo 6:148 Choral. Largo 6:379 Scherzo. Quasi presto 3:5010 Cantabile. Larghetto 7:3711 Final. Maestoso 7:21Total Playing Time: 65:50Produced by Audite

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