Wyatt Smith, organist, and Tracelyn Gesteland, mezzo-soprano, explore and commission music for performance and recording in Aalfs Auditorium, Slagle Hall, at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, where E. M. Skinner built his four-manual Op. 548 in 1925. The Solo Division was left by Skinner with only one stop installed -- a splendid Tuba Mirabilis -- and with many other stops intended but not installed until the organ was entirely restored by the Schantz Organ Co. in 2010. Then, extant replicas of the intended stops were fabricated and installed along with a new expression box for the Solo to increase its flexibility. Track Listing: John Cook: Fanfare for Organ  Charles W. Ore: Two of Four Lisbon Psalms, Set II for voice and organ Deanna Wehrspann: Be Still and Know That I Am God Kurt Knecht: Missouri Sonata for Organ Carson Cooman: The Rose of Sharon, Op. 1101 Herbert Howells: Rhapsody Charles Villiers Stanford: Three Bible Songs, Op. 113

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