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GERALD NEAR: Missa Orbis Factor Kyrie · Gloria · Sanctus · Benedictus · Agnus Dei PETER TOGNI: Liturgical Suite on Missa Orbis Factor for organ Prelude · Offertory · Communion · Postlude DAVID HOGAN: Magnificat Mt. St. Albans STEPHEN PAULUS: New every morning is the love * JUDITH BINGHAM: Ave verum corpus * DAVID ARCUS: The head that once was crowned with thorns * IAIN QUINN: Toccata on Victimae Paschali Laudes *Interested in the sheet music for this work? Click here to view and order! *First Recording The Cathedral Choir of the Cathedral Church of St. John (Episcopal), Albuquerque, New Mexico, beautifully sings attractive and accessible works of high quality and which were composed 1992-2008. For solo organ, the Liturgical Suite on Missa Orbis Factor was composed by Peter Togni in 1985. Its four movements are played by Maxine Thévenot on the Cathedral’s fine-sounding 2002 Reuter organ of 65 ranks and are interspersed among the sections of Gerald Near’s setting of the Mass Missa Orbis Factor as sung by the choir directed by Iain Quinn, Director of Cathedral Music, with Maxine Thévenot, associate organist and choir director, accompanying on the organ. Also for solo organ, Iain Quinn composed, and plays on this recording, his Toccata on Victimae Paschali Laudes. Iain Quinn directs The Cathedral Choir in David Hogan’s beautiful setting of the Magnificat composed in 1985 for the Washington National Cathedral’s completion in 1990 and performed there at the Festival Evensong of Thanksgiving, September 28, 1990, and also directs Stephen Paulus’ “New every morning is the love” with Maxine Thévenot accompanying. Maxine Thévenot directs, and Iain Quinn accompanies on the organ, the new works by Judith Bingham and David Arcus.

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