2 CD SET Laura Ellis plays recent music inspired by events in the Bible on the organ at the University of Florida. The music well demonstrates the spectacularly gratifying results of Reuter's 2015 renovation, revoicing, and replacing some ranks of the 99-rank instrument on five manuals, incorporating the remaining ranks of the 1925 E. M. Skinner and much of the subsequent work of Aeolian-Skinner and Möller. CD 1 Old Testament Herman Berlinski: The Burning Bush and Shalosh Regalim (The Three Festivals)  Stephen Paulus: King David’s Dance Paul Richards: Praise in 5 mvts Keith Branson: The Transformation of Jeremiah Daniel Pinkham: A Prophecy CD 2 New Testament Joel Martinson: Incarnation Suite in 4 mvts Seth Bingham: Annunciation Keith Branson: Meditation on Luke 2:21 (The Circumcision of Christ)  Paul J. Sifler: Contemplations on the Seven Words of Christ on the Cross in 7 mvts Larry King: Resurrection Stephen Montague: Behold a Pale Horse 2017 Raven Recordings

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