2 CD Set From Iceland to the Faroe Islands, through Norway, Denmark and Sweden, Nordic Journey, Volume V invites you to explore the organ music of Many Landscapes. It is an adventure in sound that discovers and illuminates the unique expressions of Nordic countries. This endeavor continues the mission of the Nordic Journey project: creating new music, discovering unpublished or forgotten compositions for previous eras, and including, along the way, a few mainstream masterworks. Track Listing: Disk 1 Fredrik Sixten Nordic Fanfare Oskar Lindberg Konsertfantasi Nils Lindberg Dalecarlian Pictures A Cowhorn’s Tune Marching Tune Carl Bengtsson 7 Variations on “Oss Kristna Bör Tro Och Besinna” Erland von Koch Vivo Pauli Í Sandageroi Intermezzo Thomas Åberg Toccata XIII Nils Lindberg Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer’s Day Fredrik Sixten Organ Sonata Maestoso Scherzo Adagio Finale Disk 2 Åke Malmfors Passacaglia Och Fuga Jón Leifs Chorale Prelude on Sá Lgósi Dagur Lidinn Er, Opus 16 Nr. 1 Páll ÍsólfssonChaconne In the Dorian Mode Fredrik Sixten Tango for Organ Bo Grønbech Gaudete! Dan Kær Nielsen Elegisk Præludium Sven-Ingvart Mikkelsen Summer Fantasy Kjell Mørk Karlsen Sinfonia Grande Orgel-symfoni No. 5, Op. 171 Total Playing Time: 153:02 2015 Zarex Corporation    

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