The Haarlem Essays is a collection of articles, interviews and portraits for organ lovers and, in particular, ‘Haarlem’ devotees. It is said that the very sight of the organ of St. Bavo’s –not to mention its glorious sound- may cause serious addiction. Fifty international organ improvisation competitions, and very nearly the same number of summer academies, have produced an abundance of material for this anniversary publication. The organ of St. Bavo’s is center stage, and it is surrounded here by a wide range of colorful events and personalities, all making their own contribution to the Haarlem International Organ Festival. Not least the authors themselves, from distinguished international scholars to specialists in the nitty-gritty of Haarlem organ history. The fact that this volume has so much to say about ‘Haarlem’ is in itself indicative of the festival’s significance in the international music world. With more than 150 illustrations and examples, all the competition themes, and seven winning improvisations on a CD. 480 pages, hardbound 2014 Dr. J. Butz

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