on the 1999 Noack organ, Op. 135, at the Neskirkja in Reykjavik, Iceland Paul Hindemith 1895-1963 Sonata I Anton Heiller 1926-1979 In Festo Corporis Christi Jon Thorarinsson b. 1917 Orgelmusik: Preludium, Chorale und Fuge über ein altes Thema Jon Asgeirsson b. 1928 Passacaglia i g moll Gunnar Reynir Sveinsson b. 1933 Jesus, My Morning Star: Meditation for Organ on an Old Child's Hymn Jon Nordal b. 1926 A Prelude on a Hymn that was never sung Daniel Pinkham b. 1923 Four Epigrams: Flute Soliloquy, Interlude, Reminiscence, Acclamation James Woodman b. 1957 Prelude and Passacaglia (In Festo Pentecostes)

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