The OHS Press is pleased to announce the publication of The Work List of Henry Erben: Organ Builder in Nineteenth Century New York, by long-time OHS Archivist Stephen Pinel.  The culmination of 35 years of research, this hard-bound, limited edition volume tracks his work with copious annotations, documentation, and stop lists accompanied with spectacular photography by Len Levasseur and William Van Pelt. The volume also includes facsimiles of many of Erben's published lists and catalogues, most never seen by modern historians. With more than a million words of text, this hefty 600+ page book is a must for every collector of American organ history. The cover features Henry Erben's magnificent portrait in full color, courtesy of Charles S. Gosse and the Erben family. February 2021, a limited number of signed and numbered copies can be ordered now.

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