Edwin L. Holbrook (1824–1904) built organs in the hamlet of East Medway, Massachusetts during the second half of the nineteenth century. Initially, he labored in the shadow of George Stevens and the Hooks, and later, Geo. S. Hutchings. His clientele was largely local, but he did sell a few instruments to patrons in Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. His output numbered about 125 instruments.
This pleasing new offering, edited and designed by OHS Director of Publications Rollin Smith, is issued as No. 17 of the series OHS Monographs in American Organ History. It contains forty photographs, an annotated work-list, several dedication programs, and two rarely seen “circulars” issued by Holbrook during the 1860s. Soft cover; also available in hardcover.
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