Faythe Freese plays the organ of the Cathedral of Sts. Mauritius and Katharina in Magdeburg, Germany, which was built in 2008 by Alexander Schuke Potsdam Orgelbau with four manuals, 93 stops and 106 ranks. Track Listing: Pamela Decker 1955-: The Freese Collection Augenmusik Lirio e amapola La croix de foi Heinz Wunderlich 1919-2012: Orgelsonate über ein Thema (Organ Sonata on a Single Theme) Ruhig, mit Ausdruck Rezitativo Finale, Allegro con fuoco (Toccata fugata) Max Reger 1873-1916: Variationen und Fuge, Op. 73 Introduction Thema Variation 1 Variation 2 Variation 3 Variation 4 Variation 5 Variation 6 Variation 7 Variation 8 Variation 9 Variation 10 Variation 11 Variation 12 Variation 13 Variation 14 Fuge Raven Recordings, 2013

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