The Choir of Girton College, Cambridge, Martin Ennis, director; William Ings & Samuel Hudson, organists 'Faithful vigil ended (44)', 'Take up thy cross (76)', 'Trinity Sunday V/R/Coll (527)', 'Father most holy (144)', 'The Lord whom earth and sea (181)', 'The Blessed Virgin Mary V/R/Collect (527)', 'O Glorious Maid (183)', 'Christ is made the sure foundation (205)', 'Lo ! God is here! (209)', 'The Saints V/R/Collect (527)', 'For all thy saints, O Lord (224)', 'Dedication Festival V/R/Collect (527)', 'Joy and triumph everlasting (229)', 'Glory to thee who safe has kept (233)', 'Glory to thee my God this night (244)', 'Sun of my soul (251)', 'Come, ye thankful people, come (259)', 'City of God, how broad and far (346)', 'Let bells peal forth (395)', 'Songs of praise the angels sang (451)', 'To Mercy, Pity, Peace and Love (469)', 'Ye servants of God (476)', 'I will sing unto the Lord (518)', 'Beholf God is my salvation (518)', 'Like as the hart (518)', 'Christians, to the Pascal Victim (519)', 'Psalm 33 (529)', 'Holy Communion: Rite A (541)'

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