Philip Stopford, director; Ian Barber, organist 'When morning gilds the skies (473)', 'Praise to God (438)', 'O Lord of hosts (423)', 'O Lord of heaven and earth (422)', 'Stand up, and bless the Lord (452)', 'Psalm 116: I will love the Lord (538)', 'The growing limbs of God (45)', 'When came in flesh (17)', 'Strong Son of God (455)', 'O son of God eternal Love (428)', 'How bright these glorious spirits shine (227)', 'Hail, harbinger of morn (169)', 'O word immortal (303)', 'O King enthroned on high (421)', 'O let the heart beat high (153)', 'Martyr of God (217)', 'We pray thee, heavenly Father (311)', 'Bread of the world (277)', 'Ye watchers and ye holy ones (478)', 'My soul there is a country (412)', 'With golden splendour (171)', 'Hills of the North, rejoice (7)', 'The Lord reigns clothed in strength (266)', 'Jesu, the very thought of thee (385)', 'Praise the Lord ! ye heavens adore him (437)', 'There's a wideness in God's mercy (461)'

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