For over four decades Peter Williams has been an influential and stimulating figure in the study of early keyboard instruments and their music. Such publications as The European Organ (1966), The Organ Yearbook (since 1969), and The Organ Music of J. S. Bach (1984) marked him as an indispensable voice in organ scholarship. This collection of essays pays tribute to Professor Williams's contributions with important, fascinating articles by many of the world’s top scholars in the field, including Gregory Butler, Lynn Edwards Butler, Thomas Donahue, Dominic Gwynn, David Ledbetter, Kimberly Marshall, Raymond Monelle, Mary Oleskiewicz, Ibo Ortgies, Barbara Owen, Larry Palmer, Edward Pepe, David Schulenberg, Alexander Silbiger, Richard Troeger, and David Yearsley. Topics covered range from the music of J. S. Bach and his sons, to early keyboard temperaments, the earliest unfretted clavichords, and women at the organ.

444 pages, hardbound

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