Winter is a season whose associations are as varied as its experiences. For many the world over it is bitterly cold and dark; some see no daylight for weeks. For others, winter is a mild season. This rich variety is at the heart of this program which celebrates winter from a variety of angles. Christmas is a central theme. Maxine Thévenot directs Polyphony: Voices of New Mexico, the all-female choir. The music, including some premiere recordings, comes from Britain, Europe, Canada, and the US encompassing the sacred and secular. Lynn Gorman DeVelder accompanies the chorus on harp and Maxine Thévonot accompanies the choir on Organ. Benjamin Britten A Ceremony of Carols, Op. 28 Procession Wolcum Yole! There is no Rose That yongë Child Balulalow As Dew in Aprille This Little Babe Interlude (Harp Solo) In Freezing Winter Night Spring Carol Deo Gracias Recession John Tavener A Nativity Trad. arr. Julia Lane Down in Yon Forest (Harp Solo) Andrew Ager Winter - An Evocation Dormi Jesu Miklós Kocsár Salve Regina Seán Óg Tuamo, arr. Sunita Staneslow The Virgin's Lullaby (Harp Solo) Cary Ratcliff Were We Dreaming Tarik O'Regan Bring rest, Sweet Dreaming Child Patrick Hadley I Sing of a Maiden Trad. arr. Robert Isaacs The Holly and the Ivy Mykola Leontovich, arr. Peter J. Wilhousky Carol of the Bells Franz Gruber, arr. John Rutter Silent Night

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