The organ presently at Norwich began as a 5-manual instrument of 65 stops built by Norman and Beard in 1899. In 1938 this instrument was damaged by fire and subsequently rebuilt from 1940-42 by William Hill, Norman and Beard as a much larger organ of 105 speaking stops, though on four manuals. In 1950 cases designed by Stephen Dykes Bower were added. A number of tonal changes have been made since 1942. The present stoplist of the organ is included in the CD booklet. David Dunnet, the incumbent Organist and Master of the Music at Norwich Cathedral, plays a varied program demonstrating the organ’s many colors. COOK: Fanfare DARKE: Rhapsody, Op. 4 HOLLINS: A Trumpet Minuet BAIRSTOW: Evening Song HARRIS: Flourish for an Occasion STATHAM: Rhapsody on a Ground WATSON: Sonatina BOWEN: Fantasia, Op. 136 GOWERS: An Occasional Trumpet Voluntary HOWELLS: Rhapsody in D Flat, Op. 17, No. 1 HOLLINS: Concert Overture No. 2 in C Minor

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