Dorothy Papadakos teams up with instrumentalists and vocalists from several corners of the music world, in a very untraditional CD that celebrates trees. The program includes two organ improvisation tracks recorded live, and a number of organ-with-other-musicians tracks, including a jazz quintet and bossa nova guitars. 

Papadakos is a member of the 7-time Grammy Award winning Paul Winter Consort. She came to international attention as the first woman to be Cathedral Organist of the world's largest gothic cathedral, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC from 1990-2003. She is celebrated for her daring & imaginative improvisations and scores for theatre, film, TV & ballet. Dorothy Papadakos is a Composer, Lyricist & Organist, is a member of the 7-time Grammy Award winning Paul Winter Consort. She is a renowned international performer, popular for her sold out silent film programs, specializing in Charlie Chaplin & Lon Chaney.

Pro Organo 1999 Zarex Corporation

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